Nordisk VOSS20 SI TARP


Voss SI は軽くてかさばらず、持ち運びも簡単なタープ。耐久性が強く、大きさは9㎡・14㎡・20㎡の3サイズで展開。9㎡と20㎡は正方形型、14㎡は長方形型。天気に合わせて様々な方法で使用用途を選べます。たとえばテントの代わりに使ったり、キャンプ地に雨や日射しから保護してくれるエリアを作るのに使ったり、テントの屋根つき空間を広げるために使ったりなど、自由自在に使えます。


















Extra shelter, no extra weight

If you don’t need a tent, but still want protection from light rain and dew, this Tarp is the perfect choice. It takes up almost no space and is very easy to carry, making it the perfect travel companion in warmer regions or during the summer. You can also use it for the rest of the year as an additional shelter next to your tent, or create a social meeting point between a group of tents, where you can meet in the evening and have a chat without worrying about the weather conditions. Except of course in a real hard storm.


・low weight for much additional space

・use with or without a tent

・three different sizes