Nordisk KARI12 Technical Cotton / ノルディスク カーリ12 テクニカル コットン タープ










Kari: 風の神


Snær the Old (雪の老人・Snærr inn gamli’)の祖父でもあります







The mobile porch

Kari is a real comfy tarp made in exactly the same style and fabric as all the legacy tents for use in combination with one of the tents, as a ”hang alone” or attached to a tree, a Land Rover or whatever is available. With a tarp like Kari you can create a open but roofed area safe from rain and dew, making it optimal for group gatherings, communal eating or just a free relaxing spot protecting you from sun or rain. Kari can be pegged or attached to nearby fixed elements like trees or rocks, and comes in two sizes for tailored use.


・ideal for shade and shelter

・use with or without a tent

・pegs, poles and guy ropes included

・size fits tents perfectly

・eyelets and webbing loop for versatile attachment options

・reinforced corners for extreme durability

・V-pegs with hole for added strength in sandy ground

・high end packsack for easy packing