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ヒートシート® はアメリカのA.F.M(Advanced Flexible Material 社)が開発したポリエチレンの生地に特殊技術で純度99.999%の高純度なアルミを蒸着加工したシートです。A.F.M 社はアメリカ宇宙財団のメンバーとしてNASA の開発した技術の民間利用を促進しており、宇宙財団から反射断熱材技術のカテゴリーにおいて独占件を認められています。ヒートシート® を使用した製品はスペーステクノロジーをフィードバックした製品として宇宙財団の認証マークの使用が許可され信頼の証となっています。アドベンチャーメディカルキット社ではA.F.M 社の技術力にの高さに着目しヒートシート® を使用したブランケットをはじめとしたサバイバルグッズ専門のS.O.Lブランドを新たに展開しアメリカ、カナダをはじめ多くの国々で好評を得ています。


S.O.L のヒートシートを使用した製品は


●ポリエステル生地の他社製品に比べ30 ~ 50%薄いにも関わらず強度は他社製品を上まわる



ViviSack is a sleeping bag made from a special material called “HeatSheet®” that reflects 90% of your body heat and maintains your body temperature. It is more airtight than a blanket and keeps you warm. The material is supple and does not feel rusty when used. Weighing only 108g, it is the lightest of all the SOL Vivi products. It is large enough to be held in one hand and not bulky enough to fit in your pack. It’s a relief to have it for emergencies.

Size: 91 x 213cm
Weight / 108g

Heat Sheet®].
HeatSheet® is a polyethylene sheet developed by Advanced Flexible Material (A.F.M.), a U.S. company that promotes private use of technology developed by NASA as a member of the U.S. Space Foundation and has been granted exclusivity in the category of reflective insulation technology by the Space Foundation. Products made with Heatsheet® are approved for use with the Space Foundation’s certification mark as a proof of confidence that they are a feedback product of Space Technology. The S.O.L. brand of survival goods, including a blanket made of HeatSheet®, has been well received in the United States, Canada and many other countries, based on the high level of technology of A.F.M.

Products using S.O.L. heat sheets are
Similar commonly referred to as an emergency seat
It is superior in many ways to other products that use polyester as the fabric.

Retains 90% of the heat radiated by the body
The material is made of polyethylene, so it is very flexible and can be used repeatedly.
It can be folded easily without feeling rough.
It does not contain ingredients harmful to the human body and can be used with peace of mind.
It can be repaired without tearing like a polyester blanket when scratched.
Despite being 30-50% thinner than other products made of polyester fabric, it is stronger than other products.