Nordisk ASGARD7.1 DENIM-SMU-JP / ノルディスク アスガルド7.1


175,000yen + 税

ID: C1635

  • Blue


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デニムの風合いはそのままにTC素材で 作り上げたAsgard7.1Denim。

●Asgard 7.1(アスガルド7.1)は、オフローダーにぴったりの広々としたベルテントです。

定員 3人(2個室)
サイズ 300x265x200cm
重量 13.8kg
収納サイズ 97x30cm
素材 フライ ( ポリエステル 65% コットン 35%/ 耐水圧 350mm)
グランドシート ( ターポリン /100% 防水) 

ペグ ネイルペグ
ポール アルミ製


A very special and compact cotton tent

Asgard 7.1 is a classic bell tent in size small – but with full scale atmosphere.

A great tent for 2-3 persons sleeping as it is very easy to pitch due to the center

pole construction. The framed door keeps the large opening in place – and the

vertical sides offer full utililisation of the ground area which has an integrated

groundsheet. In spite of its relative small size it also offers ground level windows

equipped with mosquito net which can be opened for better view and ventilation.

Also the front door has a built in mosquito net. Asgard 7.1 can be upgraded

with a tailored cabin. A tent that really stands out.

• Fits 3 people sleeping

• Stand-up height inside

• Large A-door protects against rain

• Adjustable pole height

• Mesh door and windows


A collaboration product with KAIHARA Corporation, a long-established denim company in Hiroshima, founded in 1893.
The Asgard 7.1Denim is made of TC material with the texture of denim intact.
The roof is given a more stylish two-tone color scheme.
In addition, the material of the pole has been changed to an aluminum pole to reduce the weight.
This is not just a blue tent, but a tent that shows its presence in nature with the texture of denim.