Nordisk KARI 20 TARP TECHNICAL COTTON / ノルディスク カリ 20 タープ テクニカルコットン


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Kari 20はレガシーとぴったり合い、手軽に取り扱えるタープ。























The Kari 20 is an easy to handle tarp that fits perfectly with the Legacy.

It can be used with the tent or on its own. It protects you from the rain and the sun, and is useful when you want to store your belongings or have a space to gather.

It comes with 2 poles, 10 V-pegs and guy ropes, so you can set it up anywhere you like, on poles, trees or sandy ground. It can also be set up using poles.


・Size: 400x500cm

・Packing size: 78x18cm

・Total weight: 9kg

・Designed for the Nordisk Legacy series.

・Ideal for protection from sun and rain.

・Can be used with the tent or on its own.

・Supplied with storage bag

・Comes with poles, pegs and guy ropes




Kari means “wind” and in ancient Norse mythology he was known as the god of the wind.

Kari’s father, Fornjöt, was king of Finland and Kvenland, and Kari was his successor in ruling the kingdom.



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