NORDISK × DANNER MOUNTAIN LIGHT BLACK / ノルディスク× ダナーマウンテンライト ブラック


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また、高い防水性を持った「DANNER DRY®」、靴底にはグリップ性のあるビブラムソールを搭載。見た目のデザインだけでなく、機能性もバッチリの一足となっています。














A pair of outdoor boots from DANNER with a more classic appearance of the classic Mountain Light and more of a leather taste.


The leather is made from Horween Chromexcel, which has been infused with an original blend of oils and fats over time using a manufacturing process that has remained unchanged for more than 100 years.
The leather is called “brown core leather,” which is dyed only on the surface of the leather, and the brown cross-section of the leather is also a point of attention.
The brown color will gradually appear from under the glossy black color as the leather is worn for a long time, making it a leather that can be enjoyed as it changes over time. Even the scratches look beautiful and give the leather an even more distinctive taste.
In addition, the shoes are equipped with “DANNER DRY®” with high waterproof property and grippy Vibram soles. Not only the design looks good, but also the functionality is perfect.
The main concern when wearing them at camp is the hassle of taking them on and off when entering and exiting the tent.
We have solved this problem by adding a zipper, which is not included in the standard design.
Boots with zippers in general tend to look cheap, but these boots are elegantly constructed so that the zippers are not noticeable, reminiscent of the zipped-up look of dress-up shoes.


In addition, the welt connecting the sole and the main body is made of a thicker yarn.
The white stitching is made to stand out, giving the boots a classic dress detail.
The brand’s logo, a polar bear, is stamped on the side and tongue.


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