Peregrine トータススタンド プレーン / ペレグリン


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サイズ: 幅61×奥行44×高さ28cm / 収納時:幅61×奥行44×厚み5cm








Tortoise Stand
This stand made of cypress plywood can be used in various ways. The name “Tortoise Stand” comes from its slender, land turtle-like appearance. When properly assembled, it is quite rigid. It can be stored as a board without taking up too much space.
It can be used as a small table, a stand for a cooler box, or a chair. It can be used as a side table with a lantern or other items on it, or as a chair for putting on shoes. It is lightweight and sturdy, so anyone can easily lift and carry it once it is assembled. It has several holders so that it can be grabbed and carried from anywhere.
The system uses plastic attachments and tape to bind and tension them, which is familiar in the outdoors. You can use it freely in nature, in a tent, and of course at home. The top panel can also be turned upside down by replacing the plastic parts. There is a set with a storage bag and a stand only.

Since the material is processed and used for construction, there may be knots, missing knots, small chips, scratches, cracks, and so on. They are putty-filled and sanded to make them as inconspicuous as possible. The quality stamp may remain.

Plywood is a durable and environmentally friendly material made of thinly sliced lumber that is pasted together in alternating layers, horizontally and vertically, without waste. All wood grains are different. Please understand. Finished with matte urethane.


Material: cypress plywood / nylon tape / polyester
Size: 61 cm (width) X 44 cm (depth) X 28 cm (height) / When stored: 61 cm (width) X 44 cm (depth) X 5 cm (thickness)
Weight: approx. 2.8 kg
Load capacity: approx. 80 kg


Please note that twisting, warping, and dimensional differences may occur in rare cases. Please understand. Please do not give it a strong impact. Thin members may break when stepped on. Please be careful. Metal objects such as gas cans and lanterns may cause ring stains if placed directly on the surface. Please be careful. The load capacity has been tested up to 80 kg. We cannot be responsible for loads above that. There may be some rustling characteristic of softwood. Please be careful when handling with bare hands.