NOBOX Kuksa cup 14oz / ノーボックス ククサカップ 14oz


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NOBOX ノーボックス ククサカップ 14ozは北欧の伝統的な木製カップ「Kuksa(ククサ)」のミニマルなスタイルにインスパイアされ、デザインとユニークな美しさをアップグレードさせたカップです。






NOBOX No Box Kuksa Cup 14oz is inspired by the minimalist style of the traditional Scandinavian wooden cup “Kuksa” and upgraded the design and unique beauty of this cup.
Made of natural acacia wood, it has a smooth, hardwood-like texture. The newly ergonomically designed handle provides a secure grip for important items and can be stowed, fastened, or held in a variety of ways.
*Please note that because the cups are made of natural acacia wood, each cup has its own unique color tone and pattern, and each cup is one-of-a-kind and not available in the same color tone and pattern as the image.
Can be hung.
Comes with a leather strap
Can be used with hot and cold beverages.
Size: L16.5cm x W11.4cm x H6.35cm
Capacity: 14 oz (approx. 404 mL)
Weight: 198g
Material: Acacia (natural wood)