ROOT×代官山蔦屋書店『I’ve got Irish roots』スペシャルアイテム。




A visual paper label which records the memories of a trip issued by “FICOUTURE”. 

And Special item will be Pennant made by USA. Badges, Tote bag.

FICOUTURE is a brand which focuses its thoughts on “towns” of the world which are far away and uniquely interprets their history and culture to presents convenient items you want to use in the categories of metropolitan goods, and clothing, travel, outdoor, and rooms. 

The theme of the 2015 series where we developed a collection inspired by the towns we actually visited is “IRELAND”. Before creating the collection, the designers Toshifumi Yamane and Asami Haruyama traveled there along with photographer Takahiro Otsuji. 

They managed to capture in photographs the real atmosphere of Ireland such as the daily lives of the people they met during their trip, 

the ruins enveloped by fog in the vast expanses of nature, and the small but beautiful townscapes. 

Now our brand presents the first issue of a publication chronicling travels, “become your roots volume 001”. We plan to publish this irregularly in the future at bookstores, etc., together with the presentation [With your Roots] which links countries and brands. 

Next we plan to cover Germany.