#0008 -CasusGrill-


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In today’s market finding a sustainable and eco-friendly product is not rare, you can find anything from biodegradable watches to biodegradable golf balls. But finding a relatively cheap and high quality biodegradable product can sometimes prove difficult.


Last week a 100% natural single-use grill arrived in store, CasusGrill. A compact grill weighing only 1100g and coming in at ¥1200 makes it a great day camp cooking instrument. Features include; ready to grill/use in 5 minutes, approximately 60 minute grilling time, all natural material and thermal insulation which reduces the outside temperature of grill. It is extremely easy to discard of and it is completely biodegradable.


I have always been a fan of campfire style cooking but it can be a painful process at times, from lugging the heavy equipment to building the campfire to the dreaded clean-up. The CasusGrill seems to eliminate all of these problems and make your day camp trip just that bit easier and lighter. I am looking forward to cooking up some hotdogs on the CasusGrill and sharing a cold brew with friends on my next camping trip!