#0019 -Superstar ’80s-


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G, day!


The iconic Superstar ’80s have arrived in store! Coming in two colourways; Flat White and a White/Black/Chalk.


Originally designed and marketed for basketball players in the 1970s (in which it was very successful), it has become one of the most iconic Adidas shoes of all-time. With its rubber shelltoe and non-marking sole it, the shoe became the staple for NBA and NCAA basketball players. It eventually transitioned from the court to the street through kids wanting to emulate the likes of Kareem Adbul-Jabbar and Jerry West. In the 1980s it gained huge popularity with b-boys and b-girls, and was boosted by one of the most influential hip hop groups ever… RUN-DMC who spread their style and love for the three stripes. In 2014/2015 it started making a resurgence(as a “re-make”) through a clever marketing campaign and a smart collaboration with Pharrell Williams. 1ef4a7f0e1b3a67319df22538071d18c

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wearing the iconic Superstar.


The Superstar ’80s Shoe is a remake of the original Superstar. It has been designed as more of a fashion shoe than it’s original sporting purpose and has a great new tonal look. It features a leather upper, the classic shell toe, Herringbone-pattern rubber cupsole, leather lining and Printed Trefoil logo on tongue and heel tab. Some of these features were in the original shoe and have proved their strength and durability through time and wear.



Men’s Originals

SUPERSTAR 80s FTWWHT ¥14000 (+tax) 



Men’s Originals

SUPERSTAR 80s WHT/BLACK1/CHALK2  ¥14000 (+tax) 


That’s all from me, look forward to seeing you in store! 


#0019 Shannon