Klättermusen Allgron 2.0 Jacket M’s / クレッタルムーセン アルグロン 2.0 ジャケット


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ファブリックは クータン® 3レイヤーを採用。クレッタルムーセン社が独自に開発した防水透湿技術で、PTFEを含まない膜を開発し、生産時にフッ素化合物を含まないようにすることで、既存の生地の性能と持続可能性の両方を向上させるために開発されました。柔軟性があり、優れたストレッチ性を持ち、100% フッ素フリーです。表生地には、再生原料から作られたポリアミドにエラスタンをブレンドしたハイブリッドテキスタイルが使用されたストレッチ素材で、裏地にはコーデュロイ柄のポリアミドを使用し着心地を向上させています。



This best-selling all-season, all-weather jacket for mountaineering is an updated version of Cretarmuusen’s best-selling product that has been a favorite for a decade since its introduction in 2010. It has become the everyday jacket of Swedish adventurers, providing excellent protection in all types of outdoor activities in all weather conditions, while maintaining the same great fit and uncompromising functionality.

The original stretchy, comfortable, quiet, and fluoropolymer-free material is cut in the ingenious Cretarmuysen style, and can be used equally well in everyday life and in the mountains. All seams are seam taped. Subtle design touches abound, such as the placement of pockets that do not interfere with the use of a climbing harness. The fabric is Coutan® 3 fabric, which is a fabric that is both lightweight and durable, and features Recco avalanche reflectors, large mesh hand pockets for ventilation, and card pockets on the inside of the sleeves.

The fabric is Coutan® 3-layer. A proprietary waterproof/breathable technology developed by Cretarmuysen to improve both the performance and sustainability of existing fabrics by developing a PTFE-free membrane and keeping fluorine compounds out of the fabric during production. It is flexible, has excellent stretch properties, and is 100% fluorine-free. The outer fabric is a stretchy hybrid textile made of polyamide blended with elastane from recycled raw materials, while the lining is a corduroy-patterned polyamide for improved comfort.