APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE Brass Incense Stand / アポテーケ フレグランス ブラスインスタンススタンド


11,000 yen(税込)

ID: R000000001595

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* これまで展開しておりました蝋引きの箱から、エンボス加工の黒箔押しを施した、かぶせる形式の貼り箱へリニューアルいたしました。順次新しい箱でお届けしますので、ご理解のほど何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。











This is a beautiful-looking, original Apotheke brass incense burner.
Product design is by sculptor Eimiko Makino. Each piece is handmade.


*The waxed box has been replaced by an embossed, black foil-stamped, cover-style pasteboard box. The new boxes will be delivered one after another, so we thank you for your understanding.


【About the product】
This product is a stand made of solid brass, which is not plated or painted. The surface finish is lightly applied in order to utilise the texture of the bare brass, but as the product is used, the colour gradually darkens and a unique taste emerges, and the beauty of the brass itself is enhanced.


【How to use】
Place the stand on a flat surface and do not place anything flammable around it. Set the incense into the pipe, light the tip, extinguish the flame and let the smoke waft out. Ashes cannot be completely caught, if you are concerned, place a non-flammable tray or other receptacle under the stand. Do not place the stand near an air-conditioner vent or in other places where it will be exposed to direct wind during combustion.


【Care instructions】
The most distinctive feature of brass is that its colour and texture change as it is used. The fact that you can enjoy changes over time, like the ageing of leather products, is an attractive feature of brass. The original shine and colour can be restored by polishing with commercially available metal polishes (e.g. metal polish) or polishing cloths. Please be careful not to hold the pipe into which the incense is inserted too tightly or put too much pressure on it, as this may cause it to break.

The recommended metal polish is 3M sponge polish.
Use in stages from rough grit to fine grit for a clean finish.