Klättermusen Asynja Jacket / クレッタルムーセン アシーニャ ジャケット


68,200 yen(税込)

ID: R000000002214

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ライトウェイト・マウンテニアリング向けに開発された、クータン® 3レイヤー素材のスリーシーズン対応ジャケット。

サマーアクティビティにおけるレインウェアとして最適です。防水性と耐久性を兼ね備えながら重量わずか 340 グラム。あらゆる無駄をそぎ落とした最軽量のシェルジャケットです。






ファブリックは クータン® 3レイヤーを採用。

クレッタルムーセン社が独自に開発した防水透湿技術で、PTFEを含まない膜を開発し、生産時にフッ素化合物を含まないようにすることで、既存の生地の性能と持続可能性の両方を向上させるために開発されました。柔軟性があり、優れたストレッチ性を持ち、100% フッ素フリーです。




Three-season jacket in Coutant® 3-layer fabric developed for lightweight mountaineering. Ideal as rainwear for summer activities. Waterproof and durable, yet weighing only 340 grams. The lightest shell jacket available.

The triangular pattern cut, characteristic of Cretarmuusen, is not a visual design element, but rather a result of uncompromising functionality. The raglan construction with no seam tape in the shoulder area where it interferes with the backpack, and the unique pattern cutting where the back is made up of a single panel including the sleeves, are just a few examples of such features. The 3D adjustable hood is structured to follow the movement of your head and not obstruct your vision, and the mesh pockets are positioned high for use with a backpack or harness. Angled zippers are designed as a feature to minimize chafing to the chin and are angled to the left or right on each layer to avoid interference. Cretarmuysen’s iconic triangle reflectors are located on the front and back.

The fabric is Coutant® 3-layer. A proprietary waterproof/breathable technology developed by Cretarmuusen to improve both the performance and sustainability of existing fabrics by developing a PTFE-free membrane and keeping fluorine compounds out of the fabric during production. It is flexible, has excellent stretch, and is 100% fluorine-free. The outer fabric is a stretchy hybrid textile made of polyamide blended with elastane from recycled raw materials, while the lining is a corduroy-patterned polyamide for improved comfort.