Ballistics JM COMBO COOKER SILVER/OD / バリスティクス JM コンボ クッカー シルバー/オリーブドラブ


17,380 yen(税込)

ID: R000000002329

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蓋付の鍋として、浅型&深型のフライパンとして、上火を置いてダッジオーブンとしてご利用ください。 上蓋は下鍋の淵にに立てた状態で保持できます。






(※ 鋳造品となりますので、落としたり空焚きや急に温度を下げると割れる事がございますのでご注意ください。)

ケース / 幅×高さ×厚み : 約35.5×24.3×10cm

本体 / 幅×高さ×厚み : 約23×35×8.5cm

鍋底 / 約19cm 鍋深/ 約6.5cm 蓋深 / 約2cm

重さ / 約1260g (本体 約1100g + ケース約160g)



Vintage USA-made combo cooker resized from 10″ to 8″ and the material replaced from steel to aluminium alloy. The moulds are made in Japan and die-cast in Japan to make it lightweight, with the exception of the hammers, which are traced exactly from the original mould. The surface treatment is barrel-polished (stonewashed) so that the pot can be washed without hesitation when soiled or sooted. Use as a pot with lid, as a shallow & deep frying pan, or as a dodge oven with the top fire on. The top lid can be held upright on the edge of the lower pan. It also fits just about perfectly under the floor of the Rodin by SANZO Construction Company. Comes with its own storage case with logo print. This is one of two types with the Ballistics logo. (* Please note that this is a cast product and may crack if dropped or if the temperature is suddenly lowered or if the product is burnt on an empty flame.)


Case / width x height x thickness: approx. 35.5 x 24.3 x 10 cm


Body / width x height x thickness: approx. 23 x 35 x 8.5 cm


Pot bottom / approx. 19 cm Pot depth / approx. 6.5 cm Lid depth / approx. 2 cm


Weight / approx. 1260 g (body approx. 1100 g + case approx. 160 g)



Case outer fabric: PVC polyester

Case lining: polyester

Pot body: CR-1 aluminium alloy / die-cast moulding